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Church Camps!

As a Disciples congregation in Montana, we participate in the operation of Cane Ridge West Conference and Retreat Center in Lincoln MT. Each year the Northern Lights Region hosts camps for various ages at the facility. Scroll down to learn more about the great camping opportunities.

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Church camps hold a very near and dear place in our hearts. We have been supporting Church Camps for years and continue to look forward to Camp Every Year.

Summer Camps

Thank you to everyone who supported camps in 2023

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Lodge Side.jpeg

Cane Ridge West is a conference and retreat center owned by the Montana Congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It operates year round and is a great place for any event. Interested in learning about the facility? Visit and don't forget to support camps!


A variety of Scholarship exist to help family afford sending their kids to church camp. For information on available scholarships, please connect with us.

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Cane Ridge West

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